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Heart Research Australia #wearredday

The 14th February not only stands as our treasured "Valentines Day" but, as a day which celebrates our hearts, has also been designated "Wear Red Day" for Heart Research. Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in Australia, with an average of one person dying from heart disease every 27 minutes.

Lifestyle factors such as poor diet, lack of exercise and chronic stress can all contribute to heart disease, with congenital disorders, medications, infections and immune disorders being additional risk factors.

Wear Red Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the seriousness and prevalence of heart disease and to encourage people to get their own hearts checked, even if there are no obvious symptoms of disease. It is also a day to raise funds needed for research and innovation in prevention, early detection and treatments of all kinds of heart disease. Thousands of people took part in the campaign this year, with many (myself included) taking selfies and posting to social media with the hashtag #wearredday and others hosting special events for the cause.

This week was the first time that I was personally challenged by someone in regards to my Catalyst Kinect Project. I knew that this day would come and yet it was still a bit of a shock. After posting my picture with my red top, scarf and flower in my hair, I received a fairly abrupt message asking what the point of wearing red is and how does this help heart research. I responded by explaining the meaning and goals of this campaign, which was then answered with further questioning about whether or not I had donated/ how do people decide who to donate to/ how much to donate/ is it 'reactive to loud' marketing and on it went. These questions I believe, are open to each one of us having a different response. There is no right or wrong when it comes to personal choice of contribution. I am happy to share that yes, I have donated to Heart Research Australia and many other organisations also. I do not make a financial contribution to every single cause that I support. I will also take this opportunity to reiterate my goal of Catalyst Kinect...

What I love to do is to draw awareness to all the wonderful things that are happening in our local and global communities in response to various traumas and challenges, regardless of the field they fall into. In sharing information I expect that my audience has complete autonomy in their choice to donate, discuss or ignore any such information and make their own decisions about who with and how to contribute to our common humanity. I am deeply appreciative of every effort made by individuals, community groups and global organisations to do their little bit of good wherever they are, as it is these efforts combined that make our world a better place. I am inspired by the action takers and empathetic to those who feel overwhelmed by hardships to the point of inaction. I will continue in my quest to take part in a different charity, fundraising or philanthropic event or activity every week, no matter how big or small others perceive this to be. I am personally growing, learning and shifting in my world view and development on all levels. I am meeting incredible people, pushing myself out of my comfort zone and discovering things about this world that I had never even considered before. I am grateful every single day for the support I receive and I trust each of you to step up, step in or step out of any cause which I choose to shine a light on throughout the year. My love and thanks always.

If you would like to learn more or donate to heart research, please visit


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