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A Surprising Start to Catalyst Kinect

In the weeks leading up to 2018, I started sharing my vision for Catalyst Kinect with friends and family. It had actually been sitting quietly in the background of my thoughts for over a year, but the time wasn't right until now. For the most part people responded with great enthusiasm and words of support. Then of course, there were the more cautious comments: "Gosh, you'll be busy!" "How will you manage that with a young family?" "What if you get sick?" "Why spend your time promoting other people's businesses?" "Are you still going to run your own business as well?" And suddenly, the doubts started seeping in... Prior to this, I hadn't thought a lot about the pros and cons, it was more of a felt sense that this is something I just have to do. There was no conjuring up a grand plan or strategic mapping of if's, how's and alternatives, it just WAS. I would spend a year actively engaging in and learning about all the goodness that has been created through circumstances of heartache, vulnerability and challenge. I will celebrate the courage of the human spirit as people lean in to discomfort in order to find a way through and then help others to do the same.

I am a curious creature, but not particularly adventurous. I am often one to stand on the sidelines and cheer instead of jumping in to the main event. I spend a lot of time in my head, thinking deeply, analysing, looking for clues and patterns, gathering information from a variety of sources and seeing how it might all fit together. So for me to say that I will actively participate in different events and activities EVERY week, came as a shock- even to me! The thought of some of the challenges that I have lined up make me feel like a frog on bamboo with my sticky little fingers and toes clinging desperately to my bamboo stem, waiting for that moment where I have to take that leap of faith and make the jump. But with all the doubts and questions of "What on Earth am I doing?" I have launched into the year and now know that there is no turning back.

Eyes open wide, I have spent the first week supporting the work of 1 Million Women and have had to face that gap between thought and action head on. I have always been quite environmentally conscious and aware; I recycle, I use eco friendly cleaning products and cosmetics, I rarely use heating and cooling in the house (apart from strategic curtain placement), I almost always take my reusable shopping bags and switch most things off at the power point when not in use. However, I discovered that I can be doing ALL of these things more diligently by getting the whole family onboard, I can be using my car a lot less by planning my trips better and not just 'ducking up to the shops' when I forget one thing, I can shorten the time I spend in the shower, I can grow a veggie garden (even if my Dirt Girl skills leave a lot to be desired), I can create a compost heap and I can use beeswax food coverings and bamboo produce bags. I realise that it is the small, consistent habits that create the greatest long term outcomes and I am proud to say that in week one of my Catalyst Kinect challenge, my entire family has created new habits that will benefit all of us long term.

So I am filled with nervous excitement of what lies ahead. I am grateful to every single person who has got my back. I am definitely leaning into my own discomfort, challenging myself to grow in all kinds of ways and I am already reaping the benefit of shifting from thought to action. What an amazing beginning to what I feel will be an unforgettable year of gratitude and personal transformation.


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