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Welcome to Catalyst Kinect

Catalyst - An agent of change. Facilitates or speeds up a process.

Kin - Relationship. Family, clan, tribe.

Catalyst Kinect - A facilitator of change that enhances and celebrates global connection and relationships by taking positive action for the good of one and all.

Welcome to Catalyst Kinect. This is a bit of a crazy personal challenge with a humanitarian goal.

I have set myself the task of participating in a different charity, fundraising or philanthropic event or activity every week for the year 2018 and documenting my experience via this blog as I go. Why would I do such a thing? Well, for many reasons;

1. There are SO many amazing people and organisations who are working hard to improve the quality of our social, environmental, local and global well being. People who are taking a stand, working selflessly, seeing a gap and working to fill it. People who have overcome extreme trials, who are continually affected by challenges that many of us are oblivious to, who care deeply for our world and the generations of the future. I would love to acknowledge, support and enhance their work and learn more about what drives people to contribute with kindness and generosity.

2. There is an enormous amount of grief and trauma in our world and it is easy to see things through a lens of helplessness and despair. The media floods us with images of violence, destruction and heartache and the general level of anxiety we are all living with impacts on our minds, bodies, souls and relationships. When we shift our focus, we see the incredible strength, compassion and unity that also exists and that often comes from moments of extreme vulnerability and distress. I hope to shine a light on the goodness that we often overlook or take for granted and prompt others to do the same, thus promoting improved physical, mental, social and environmental health for us all.

3. I have two beautiful young boys whom I hope to inspire to recognise, celebrate and participate in the many ways that we can all contribute positively to our world. I am proud to say that both my boys already demonstrate enormous kindness, empathy and compassion and I hope that they will grow and develop in a community which is kind and compassionate to them also. Having worked with many young people and their families in health and education and my husband working as an Ambulance Paramedic, I am familiar with many of the complex challenges that face our kids and society as a whole. I hope that our family's acts of kindness and willingness to support others will create a ripple effect which will serve as a safety net for people in need. I hope that my children can feel that they are safe, loved and held in any challenge that they may face, that they maintain perspective and develop skills in resilience, inclusive of an attitude of gratitude, and to trust that even when things get tough, there is ALWAYS a way through. I hope that they will feel confident to reach out to a friend in need and to seek support as necessary. I hope to set a positive example and to demonstrate to my children that rather than becoming lost in the culture of overwhelm or apathy, we can ALL make a difference by enacting kindness towards ourselves as well as others - and that we can do this through joy and playfulness, not just hard work...

4. I am hopeless at making decisions! There is an abundance of worthy causes and I simply cannot choose just one or two to dedicate my time and energy to. I want to help EVERYONE! Rather than reinventing the wheel, or trying to create yet another charity, I would much rather bring awareness to those already doing it and doing it far better than I could myself. I am already learning about organisations I have never heard of before and am SO excited to hear of 'ordinary' people doing extraordinary things. PEOPLE ARE AMAZING!!

5. Personal challenge - I am expecting that this experience will challenge me on many levels. Physically, mentally, emotionally and logistically I am going to have to step up in a BIG way. I am going to have to ask for help, push myself out of my comfort zone time and time again, debrief, research, use discernment, rest, engage with lots of new people, places and experiences. I am happy to travel, but will always put my family first and make sure we are all well supported to do this. I am putting myself out there- offering to walk, swim, ride, plant trees, hug animals, dress up, sleep out, attend special events etc in the name of spreading compassion and honouring our shared humanity. I am certainly not super fit, super brave or super human in any way, so if I can do these things, ANYONE can!

So with no further ado, I humbly ask you now to PLEASE support me in my mission to spread love, kindness and generosity by following my adventures via my facebook page, coming to cheer me on or join me in an activity, sending me words of encouragement that I can revisit as needed and letting me know about an event, organisation or celebration that I might be able to connect with and share with a wider community. There are some organisations that do not publicly advertise their events, there are some events that are inaccessible due to time/ distance and there are some events that are not specifically linked to a charity. As such, I will sometimes create my own challenge or fundraising event or choose someone special to represent in an 'open' activity. I am also willing for people to set me specific challenges in line with a worthy cause (though I also reserve the right to say no). I would love for you to share and engage with my posts as I go through the year and generate some momentum for people to get involved and have some fun whilst doing good in the world....

Thanks so much for joining me,

Lu xx


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