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Hi there, I'm Luella- blogger, humanitarian, adventurer and change maker, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, volunteer and business woman. I wear many hats, but ultimately I am me.

I value kindness, compassion and contribution and my greatest weakness is also my greatest strength- I have a big, open heart and love to help people in need. I am a stubborn optimist and idealist. I believe that we are all equal, all doing the best we can and all here to help one another to thrive, not just survive. I am sensitive and empathic and highly aware of the trials and traumas of this world, so I choose to focus on solutions rather than problems and I enjoy celebrating the amazing things that people are doing every day to enhance the well being of our people and planet.

I have set myself a challenge to participate in a different charity, fundraising or philanthropic event every week of the year for 2018. I hope you will join me as I discover and share the simple beauty and brilliance that surrounds us. Thanks for visiting!

You are welcome to contact me if you have a charity, fundraising or philanthropic event that you think I may be interested in. Simply fill in the contact sheet below and write "Catalyst Kinect" in the subject line. If you are looking for a Speaker for your next event, please visit my Strength Resources page or fill in the contact sheet below with "Speaker Request" in the subject line. Thank you.



+61 447 876 060

Luella Cochrane

Blogger, Humanitarian, Adventurer & Change Maker

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